A forced break from reality.

We went from lovely spring weather right back to winter crap in what seemed like over night. Our bodies rebelled. The last two weeks has been spent in a sneezing, coughing, vapor rub, blowing our noses til they are raw, hell.

Me and my girls played Hay Day. We have accumulated a great group of neighbors and have placed 2nd in the derby. We are ranked at expert level.

I know. But when you're laid up sick and it's all you got...

I'm also almost done with the series on Netflix, Hart of Dixie. What appeals to me is that it is set in a small Alabama town where everyone looks out for everyone, brings soup to the sick and pies to the broken hearted. Where people meet for coffee or a meal at a venue where everybody knows everybody, and they throw different festivals all the time just to have a reason for everyone to get together. And winter doesn't exist.

If only there were no crocodiles and snakes. Although, the Mayor does have a pet crocodile named Burt Reynolds that doesn't seem so bad.

I know, totally not reality. But who needs reality while you're laid up sick?

The men folk, I've noticed, have a different way of waiting out this horrible plague that has been brought upon us. They play live gaming where they get to shoot and blow up bad guys and other things. My son from the 2nd floor, my ex husband from the 1st floor. Whenever us girls venture down from the 3rd floor we can hear them hooting and hollering. Poor Mika has been confused. He hears them through each others mics and has to check and see if someone else is here, and there's been a breach in his security.

Oh yeah, we live with my ex husband. How does that work? We're a family. It works like any other family, I guess. You will need to just follow my blog to find that out. Not that I'm trying to solicit you to follow my blog, but I really don't see any other way.

In the mean time, the weather is starting to warm up again, though I'm not sure I should trust it. I think we are also at the end of this cootie bug infestation. I'm looking forward to warmer, longer days. I may not live in a small town full of old fashioned southern hospitality. It's more like a suburb of a small city in Ohio, but it will have to do.

And now, I have two weeks of reality to catch up on . Man, that stuff really piles up quick.