This chic has issues!

Our cat Midnight, doesn't appreciate the fact that she is not the only pet. She probably doesn't even thinks she is a pet. I'm pretty sure she thinks we’re her pets, but either way, I know she don't appreciate the fact we allow Mika, our Mini Pin pup, to live here too. She pretty much stayed on the upper level of the house with my oldest daughter Shaye, to avoid him. Sometimes I forgot we had a cat.

Lately she has decided that she wants to hang out on the lower level of the house. I finally got Shaye to do something with her warehouse of a room, so I'm thinking Midnight is confused and thinks were moving, or that something big is up.

Mika actually handled this better than I thought, for a Bossy, jealous dog with O.C.D. He barked at her a little at first, but I'm pretty sure he was just laying down the rules. He likes to run a tight ship. After that he usually just yelled at her for laying on shelves, the kitchen table, and being up on counters was a big no, no. Really, just anywhere he knew we didn't prefer our fur babies to be. He also complains if my youngest daughter Haley, takes the kitty in her room and shuts him out.

“Oh hell no she didn't!”

But, things settled in. He continued to yell at her about her bad habits and she continued to ignore his wishes. The occasional nails in, smack is administered, but things never turn into an out and out barroom brawl.

Then one day she crossed the line. Big time!

She actually used the bathtub for a kitty litter box! Seriously?

This chic has issues!

He was escorting me down the hall, because when he isn't sleeping or keeping look out in the window, making sure nobody breaks the fifty mile perimeter he has mentally built around our house, he feels it's best if I be escorted. Suddenly he stops and his head jerks toward the bathroom, his nose pointed up, nostrils flaring. He darts into the bathroom and then over to the tub where he raises up on his back legs and looks in.

Oh, it's on!

He runs out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, where Midnight was laying in a chair, and starts yelling like there was no tomorrow. She tried smacking him a couple times, hissed a few, but he didn't care. He refused to stop until she ran back upstairs.

She did it again after that, but we found it first and well, we figure what he don't know won't hurt. I decided to keep the bathroom door closed after that. Then the other night I was walking through and Midnight is sitting by the bathroom door like she's just waiting her turn. I yelled in at Haley and told her to take Midnight upstairs to her sister for the night. I didn't want to be woke up through the night by deputy control freak yelling at Queen priss to get off the counter and table.

Mika heard me and since he's a busy body, he came in to see what the deal was. And then he saw her!

“Oh hell no! I know she don't think she's going in there!”

To be fair, he probably did get her upstairs faster than it would have taken Haley. I just wanted to pee, so I could go to bed. By the time my hand reached for the knob Mika was back and butted his way in front of me.

“Mika, I really don't need an escort for this.”

As soon as I opened the door he ran over to the tub and looked in. I think I saw his chest relax a bit, and then he strutted out.

“Really Mika, the door has been shut.”

Your dog is weird too, right?

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