Writing is hard and so is being naked.

What am I doing here just sitting? I should be doing dishes, laundry, or some other form of manual labor. Writing is not real work. Wait, are those my words, or is that just me listening to others?

Writing is work! It's hard work!

I mean, I did have to learn some basic grammar, which I don't always remember to apply, and I had to find my own voice. Writey stuff like that. Sometimes there's a lot of research involved, which actually, I don't mind. I know, who in their right mind likes research?

Hi, my name is Chantelle, and I'm a closet geek.

But, really all of that sentence structure and knowing where to put a comma kinda stuff, most anyone can learn. At least for me that's the easier part. Well, maybe not that comma part. People should really pause more. Take time to stop and smell the ink.

The hardest part to writing, in my opinion, is letting people in your head. Most the writing books I have read say that the best writing is honest writing. Seriously, do they realize that nobody who knows me personally will ever speak to me again?

I'm just kidding. I think very highly of everyone I know.

I am an observant person. I notice things that most people don't see. Probably because they don't want to and are wondering why I am bothering them with it, because I also like to ponder things. Out loud. Like, what does squirrel poop look like? Seriously, when there is a lot of birds around, there's poop everywhere. Our yard is full of squirrels, because we have a huge tree full of acorns, but I don't see squirrel poop. Do I just not know what it looks like? Do they have private bathrooms?

Hey, maybe we should look this up!


Alright, I'll do it later and let you know.

Then there is the hardest kinda writing. The heart felt kind where you let it all out. The kind that makes you feel vulnerable and like your naked on stage at a sold out concert. This is the really important writing too. It's the kind that touches people and can even help them. But, if you want to reach those people you have to stand on that stage and endure the people who like being mean. “Hey, your butt looks like kneaded dough!” “Stretch marks much?”

So, writing may not be physically hard, but it is hard. It takes a lot of courage to share so openly. To let people see you for who you really are. Flaws and all. To endure all the hate in hopes that you were able to help, at least a few people, not feel so alone.

What do you think? What's the hardest part of writing for you?


  1. The hardest part of writing for me is worry if anyone will like what I write. But thanks to someone I know I think i will start a new blog about my life. Wish me luck

    1. It's awesome that you have someone who supports you in your writing! It's a great feeling. Wishing you lots of luck.